Quilting Products & Services in Caldwell County, TX

sewing and quiltingLooking for sewing supplies or advice for your next project? Look no further than the area’s largest sewing store in Caldwell County, TX! With 1,600-square feet of space, more than 2,000 different bolts of fabric and an expert staff that’s ready to assist you, Simple Sewing Solutions welcomes crafters of any level.


Helpful Sewing Services

We’re pleased to make our expertise and experience available to customers in a wide range of ways. People come to us with their sewing needs and questions because we offer:

  • Quilting:
    Stop in, pick your fabrics and let us do the quilting for you! We’re well-known as the premier quilt store in Caldwell County, TX and can create beautiful quilted creations for you, using the materials you desire.
  • Sewing alterations:
    Need a few quick sewing alterations made for a pair of pants or a skirt? We’ll be happy to make them for you. Our sewing experts can tackle these adjustments quickly, to help your clothing fit better and feel better.
  • Patch sewing:
    From Girl Scouts to Police Officers and Firemen, patches are an important sign of achievement. We’ll sew your patch on a uniform or sash for you, so you can proudly display your achievements for all to see.
  • Classes:
    Want to learn to become better at sewing, quilting, stitching or other forms of threadwork? Join a class and improve your skills! We host classes regularly—just ask our staff about our upcoming schedule.

sewing and quiltingIn addition to the above services, we also host open houses every Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10am – 6pm. We invite everyone to come in and bring any problems you might have, whether it’s sewing, crocheting, knitting or quilting.

These events are a great excuse to dig out those unfinished objects (UFOs) and bring them to us for some help! We’ll help you overcome any setback and put you on the path to finishing your project, completely free of charge.


Products in Our Shop

With more than 2,000 bolts of the best quality fabric in-house, you can trust that our thread is uncompromising in its excellence. In addition to thousands of fabric options, we also retail a full selection of other supplies, including:

We offer the following brands of fabric:

For more information about our products or the many services we provide to our customers, please visit us today or call 512-398-3930!